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Best in Show Specialty Ch. Giltedge Traveller, J.H. W.C.X.

Sire: Australian Ch. Standfest Dream Ticket from Kerrien
Dam: Yellowfetch Pixie Dust
Whelped: November 26, 2003
Has all clearances!

Pictured here in August of 2012 winning first Award of Merit, the Stud dog class, Veteran class & gun dog class.  His son beat him for Best of Breed!  Under breeder/judge Marcia Schlehr.

Gulliver on the left, Gilligan in the middle, & Scoop on the right.

Gulliver achieved his W.C.X. this past summer & I hope to get his Senior Hunter title next year!
He won the Quebec regional under breeder/judge, Jennifer Johnson

Candid shots of him at the National in 2005

 Gulliver picked a Monkey for his Christmas treat!
One of my favourite shots of "my boy"!
Fast asleep in front of the fire on a cold February 2013 evening!

What do you think: I need a bigger couch?

He does this a lot lately!



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