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Due: June 5, 2018


                   Whoopi                                                           Sydney                               



For those that might not be aware: I do have a waiting list of people who are anxious to get puppies.  Some of these people have been waiting almost a year!  If you are not in a hurry, I am willing to take deposits of $400.00 to have you included: BUT deposits are non-refundable!! 

I am hopeful that with all these litters due, I should certainly have enough puppies to fill those people that have been so patiently waiting with a puppy,  plus new clients!

FYI I have 1 plastic pool, that is used to whelp bitches.  I do this in the kitchen so I can be right there to supervise!  After a few days, when I know puppies are doing well, they are moved to the kennel room where they have their own private pen with a regular whelping box.

Also Please check out my Contracts 

If you are interested in purchasing a Skylon puppy,  please take the time to fill out the puppy questionnaire .
For people that are interested in breeding & showing I often have puppies that I am keeping for myself that I would certainly consider selling!
I would also encourage interested parties to read THINGS TO KNOW ,   Information regarding Spaying & Neutering
I have included another page: Testimonials: this includes a lot of pictures of puppies I have placed!
Quite often there are older dogs that I am interested in placing in homes for a modest fee, with the intention of getting them back for litters and showing.  Please know, after they are finished with Motherhood, they are yours forever! 
Here are just a few I am  considering for Fostering:  Bobby, Sunshine   Whoopie



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