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Before you proceed: please read everything on this page before you fill out the puppy questionnaire!

During this pandemic the interest in puppies has been simply overwhelming!  These litters were planned way before this situation occurred & as nature has it, when one female comes into season, so often she brings everyone in!

At the moment I am not prepared to accept any more reservations unless families realize there is no guarantee when you will get your puppy!

I would estimate that you are looking at six to twelve months timeline for new reservations.

Until the puppies that are expected are whelped, I do not know quantity, etc., therefore I do not know accurate timeline!

I am waiting for bitches to come into season any day.  When they do and they are bred I will post immediately. 

I have a  waiting list... I take deposits of $500.00 to have you put on a reservation list: BUT deposits are non-refundable!!  Companion puppies are priced at $2500.00 plus H.S.T.. & people wanting to breed and show their puppies: $3000.00

Also Please check out my Contracts 

If you are interested in purchasing a Skylon puppy,  please take the time to fill out the puppy questionnaire .
For people that are interested in breeding & showing I often have puppies that I am keeping for myself that I would certainly consider selling!  (None at the moment!)
I would also encourage interested parties to read THINGS TO KNOW ,   Information regarding Spaying & Neutering
I have included another page: Testimonials: this includes a lot of pictures of puppies I have placed!

At this moment I am prepared to let my older girls go when they are ready for retirement.  Unfortunately, with the current Pandemic, this is not possible.  Please get in touch when this nightmare is over!



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